Our Story

It all started with

A Bowl of Pasta


The idea for Luce was conceived over lunch with a friend and a simple bowl of linguine and clams, a glass of wine, and a little bruschetta. The tastes and stars must have been aligned! The very next day a prototype menu was formulated and then–BOOM–the dream was solidified and my passion was on its way. Shortly thereafter a perfect location fell into my lap in downtown Norfolk, Virginia.

Now I’m in an ever-lasting battle against the cliche restaurant lifestyle. When you come into my place you can expect a good time with real, live service. No pretentiousness, no highfalutin stuff. The dishes all come from my heart and soul. I pay respect to the origins and traditions of Italian food and fuse it all together with my own twist, taste, and flair.

When you leave Luce I want you to walk out happy, entertained, and exceedingly satisfied.

Buon Appetito ~ Chef Antonio Caruana


Antonio Caruana


“I love to cook, I love my Italian heritage, and I have a passion for passing on the great foods, wines, and cocktails of the Italian people.”

Antonio Caruana

Head Chef